When booking a room at Mission:Escape it will prompt you for payment so that you are guaranteed the time and date you want, this can make things difficult if you have a large group coming and then its up to you to try and collect from everyone after. To solve this issue, book the room for the minimum required three people. Then when your group arrives we can take payment for the additional guests via cash, debit, MasterCard or visa. As a courtesy we ask that you send us a quick email after booking the room advising that the group will be larger.

It is $25 plus gst per person, no matter the age or how large the group. 

We are Prince Albert’s only licensed escape room adventure serving wine, beer, and cocktails. Enjoy a drink in our large and inviting lobby before or after you escape or take a drink into the room with you.

If you didn’t escape in time, you are more than welcome to come back and try again next time. Otherwise we do not recommend this – it will be much less fun to play the game over again. We have other rooms for you to try out!

If you bought a coupon for the game, please select a coupon option when booking. Coupons don’t work for every time slot, so please pay attention for your coupon’s fine print.

Yes, we will be happy to either hide a present in our puzzles or customize them for your special event. Give us a call with your idea and we would love to help out for the occasion

Our basic rules are the following:

  • No force is needed – everything opens nice and smoothly if you do the right thing.
  • You do not need to climb anywhere or on anything.
  • No need to disassemble furniture.

Anything that is comfortable. We do have some teams who come all dressed up according to the theme of the room and they definitely have fun! We also have some themed accessories available to help you get into character.

Our maximum capacity is eight (8) people and our minimum capacity is three (3) people. You can always call us and discuss your situation if needed, and we’ll try to help as best we can.

Yes, we ask that you book in advance through our site so your preferred time slot is open.

You will go home with a heroic tale of how you escaped and enjoy going up on our Agents of Escape winners wall! We also offer our winning teams a free gift!

You will stay with us forever and be welcome members of our growing team! MUAHAHA!!

Just kidding. Once your time is up, we’ll still let you out of the room.

Yes you can, we offer gift certificates on our booking page

As a safety precaution we do not allow cellphones, tablets, smart watches etc. into our rooms. The strong magnets and other tech in the rooms can damage your devices. We have secure lockup in the lobby for you to keep your items while you play. We kindly ask that if you take food or drink in the game rooms that you are careful– nobody wants to spill their drink on the mummified remains of King tut, after all.

Children who are under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Our games are designed for anyone and everyone to be able to play within mixed aged group. Please be advised no matter the participants age they will be charged the regular rate.

Our games last exactly 60 minutes, plus time needed to give each team preliminary instructions and a briefing. We ask that you show up 15 minutes prior to your booking so everyone can arrive and be given the instructions needed before gameplay starts. We have an ample lobby area for you and your team to mingle and discuss your mission before and after it is complete. Feel free to come early have a coffee and stay after!

You are not actually locked in the room. If you need a breather or a restroom break you can walk out at any time but the clock does not stop ticking. Our rooms are safe and compliant with fire and building code regulations.

It is a perfect thing to do with your small workgroup. See our Private events and Team building page for details. We can help you organize a company or cross-company competition or host a corporate event. However, please keep our capacity in mind – only 7-8 persons per room can be accommodated at once. And we have 2 rooms so far.

Sure! When booking for your party, click on the Espionage Party Package and choose which package and add on’s work best for you and your group!

Our rooms are recommended for 2-8 people. It means that you will have a hard time trying to make it alone, and it can be too busy for more than 8 people. If you want to play but do not have someone to bring with you. Join us on our Facebook group and sync up your schedule with others in the same situation.

Absolutely not. If you can handle sitting or standing in a room for 60 minutes, then you can participate. Please consider that there will be some level of stress, like in the movies – you wouldn’t recommend going to a thriller or horror movie to someone with heart problems, for example. We are a wheelchair accessible building but some sections of our games may be hard to maneuver depending on the mobility. As strong magnets, strobe lights and other high tech gadgets are used that may cause complications with people with pace makers or a history of seizures we cannot allow them in the game for their safety.

Everyone! People of all ages and backgrounds will be participating in the action – from children to seniors. Children aged 10 and below need to be accompanied by an adult. Please choose your room experience appropriately for your group. Future rooms include a children’s themed room for ages 3-10 and 10-16. We encourage you to try all our experiences and our game masters will coordinate your experience to match your group’s personality.

It’s like being the hero of a movie or being a character in a video game. It is unforgettable and we do everything to provide you with an unforgettable experience. You do not need any special knowledge or outside tools.

No worries, we are here to help you.  The Game Master will be watching your team throughout the game and will help guide you as needed.

Mission:Escape is a brand new form of interactive entertainment. You and your team will find yourselves locked in the game room with only 60 minutes to complete your mission and escape. Brainstorming and teamwork will be necessary to solve puzzles, find clues, and use different high tech devices and gadgets to complete your mission. When you complete the scenario you win! If you do not finish in the 60 minutes you lose

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